PQ 31: 2 Lion 2 Witch 2 Wardrobe

July 17, 2017

Hot off of doubles and back into our regularly scheduled programming, the boys are back at it again with episode 31. This week, we get the lead out of foot and nitro boost an automotive discussion. There will be skidding over bridges, pimping of the Fit, white knuckling over black ice, snapping of axels, and the making of the choicest drift. 


PQ 30: Duos and Brewos III

July 1, 2017

Hello, patient and loyal listener. We're finally back with round three of duos. This week Chris and Mike, Matt and Trent, and Collin and Zach team up. We talk about life, work, and what we hope to see on the horizon. We'll be starting back up with regular releases after this week, so please continue to share and listen. <3


PQ 29: Real Life Pokémon

June 8, 2017

Ahoy, mateys! When ye sail the seven seas, ye never know what beasties lurk beneath the waves. Well, if someone happens to find a GoPro in the ocean, we may have some answers. In this episode Mike returns to tell of his oceanic escapades, and the boys chat about the plunders and blunders of beach life. Summer is finally here, so grab your boat made of sandals and tune in for episode 29. 


PQ 28: Collin’s Tetanus Funhouse

May 30, 2017

Ugh, it feels good to be back, y'all. Sorry for the pause, the reason is kind of mostly explained in the episode. What other hot gossip do our boys have this week? Here are your juicy headlines: Meatball Resume Hacks, Turn Your Demolition Into $$$, Cameos in Camelot, Herding Kittens 101, and How to Get Him to Notice That New 'Do. 


PQ 27: Dumpster Truck Derby

May 17, 2017

What happens when you have beer for breakfast? Well, you might talk parties. Or you might potty talk. We celebrate a very special birthday with a good old fashioned brunch and brew, and dive into some of our favorite birthday memories. Also, I had to edit this week and boy howdy, y'all oughta appreciate Matt for what he does. So ready your party towels and ignite your candlepins, it's about to get wild. 


PQ 26: Bedsgetti

May 10, 2017

Perched high atop the jungle gym is the esteemed judge of the playground courts. In this episode, the judge will hear the following cases: Matt's request for a marriage license to Parmesan, Trent seeking snowy asylum, Collin's claim of a murder attempt, Chris does knotty time on the inside, and Zach falls to a mutiny and is forced to walk the plank. You know, normal beer podcast stuff. 


PQ 25: Warm Worm Hugs

May 1, 2017

So look, I asked one of our own to listen and give me the main speaking points for this episode. The following is what I received: -one tear at a time-, -sleep dungeon-, Mikes ^(tips for the) fastest brain on earth, sacred<- intergalatic alien day, 12 bunks, w@rm hugs, warm worm hugs. Your guess is as good as mine, at this point. Please enjoy episode 25?


PQ 24: Dad Tumblr

April 24, 2017

@you, dear listener, welcome to our social media spectacular. If you're a business looking for tips to generate revenue with hot new #trends, look no further! Here you'll find all you need to know about: Matt's Dad's Tumblr, the Starbucks secret menu #SplendaSpiceLatte, virtual tutus and cannibalism, Chris' toast adventure, and our host Collin explains (in depth, mind you) why he likes Twitter. insta @pourquality | twitter @pour_quality | #prayformikeshamstring2015


PQ 23: Zach Learns about Cassettes

April 17, 2017

Before we can talk about what music we grew up with, we need to talk about cassettes. You could use the new internet service, Google, to find further information about this antiquated medium. Other things you may want to use 2017's hottest new website to search: the King's birthday, Bloodhound Gang, belly button bonding, what girls just wanna do, who was the mother of Stacy, and Adventures in Honesty. Did I say this one was about music? 


PQ 22: Never Shout Ever

April 10, 2017

You know how some episodes just get a little wild? Despite Zach planning a sweet discussion on the people that have impacted our lives, the boys find a way to use a hydro-dynamic spatula and launch out of the frying pan into the fire. As proof, we talk about: wedgies, stallion warrior princes, pamplemousse, Mike's Krabs, and NBC's hit series Scrubs.