PQ 36: J.R.R. Tumnus

October 4, 2017

Well well, sit down a spell! Here's a tale for you, of some friends joined in brew. So join our fizzy bubbles, kick back your weary troubles. You're in for a treat, the kind with some goat's feet. Oh wait, have I been rhyming? Jeeze, must be the timing. This episode gets off the rails, but we'll keep you here with our fun tales. (tails? idk enjoy 36 probably has nothing to do with rhymes)


PQ 35: Pour Quality 2020

September 6, 2017

The rumors are true. Now at the ripe age of 35, Pour Quality sets its goal for the Oval Office. In this episode, we figure out what our platform (and/or ramp) is built from. Collin strongly advocates for GameBoy backlights, Matt hypes his public image with the sickest scooter stunts, Mike lobbies for big political sponsor: Cut the Rope, and Trent designs the national uniform. Enjoy the show while you can, you know what Sunday brings...


PQ 34: Optometrists After Dark

August 23, 2017

We admit, you caught us without a formal host again. So you know by now that the hostless shows are a wildcard, and 34 delivers. How? Well, Mike rigs up an elaborate set of bells for his bike, Matt looks to expand Warby Parker's offerings, Chris takes his xylobar to the doctors, and Trent takes the entire show to "enjoy" his crisp cuke bevvie. (Also plz go listen to the new Matt Byers album Tidsoptimist and why not email us?)


PQ 33: Sweet Home, Queen America

August 15, 2017

I know what you might be thinking. Didn't Mike go on a Europe trip? Well he did and we lost him to a mysterious burger. Only Mïkäël returned, unfortunately. And he hates Brazil. Also in episode 33, Matt moons Italy, Chris catches a chairlift to his hillbilly oasis, Zach invents a puppy litter recycling system, and Trent invites special guest American Paul McCartney onto the show. Also it's worth mentioning there is some, er, light fidget spinner innuendo, obviously. 


PQ 32: Deep V’s, Deeper Dabs

July 29, 2017

You know how sometimes you wonder about Harry Potter macroeconomics? Well, we did, at least briefly. Also in episode 32, there are some very exciting announcements. Like big ones. And maybe some, er, minor discussion about a certain rotary based plaything. Just minor though, definitely not a whole episode about the spin-n-sit (aka SPANNERZ).


PQ 31: 2 Lion 2 Witch 2 Wardrobe

July 17, 2017

Hot off of doubles and back into our regularly scheduled programming, the boys are back at it again with episode 31. This week, we get the lead out of foot and nitro boost an automotive discussion. There will be skidding over bridges, pimping of the Fit, white knuckling over black ice, snapping of axels, and the making of the choicest drift. 


PQ 30: Duos and Brewos III

July 1, 2017

Hello, patient and loyal listener. We're finally back with round three of duos. This week Chris and Mike, Matt and Trent, and Collin and Zach team up. We talk about life, work, and what we hope to see on the horizon. We'll be starting back up with regular releases after this week, so please continue to share and listen. <3


PQ 29: Real Life Pokémon

June 8, 2017

Ahoy, mateys! When ye sail the seven seas, ye never know what beasties lurk beneath the waves. Well, if someone happens to find a GoPro in the ocean, we may have some answers. In this episode Mike returns to tell of his oceanic escapades, and the boys chat about the plunders and blunders of beach life. Summer is finally here, so grab your boat made of sandals and tune in for episode 29. 


PQ 28: Collin’s Tetanus Funhouse

May 30, 2017

Ugh, it feels good to be back, y'all. Sorry for the pause, the reason is kind of mostly explained in the episode. What other hot gossip do our boys have this week? Here are your juicy headlines: Meatball Resume Hacks, Turn Your Demolition Into $$$, Cameos in Camelot, Herding Kittens 101, and How to Get Him to Notice That New 'Do. 


PQ 27: Dumpster Truck Derby

May 17, 2017

What happens when you have beer for breakfast? Well, you might talk parties. Or you might potty talk. We celebrate a very special birthday with a good old fashioned brunch and brew, and dive into some of our favorite birthday memories. Also, I had to edit this week and boy howdy, y'all oughta appreciate Matt for what he does. So ready your party towels and ignite your candlepins, it's about to get wild.